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July 21 2010
- Radio Show: Seeing Beyond with Guest Speaker David Demaray

Lantos has spoken several times in 2008 - 2009 about the effect of the Chair of Genesis and the Genesis Acceleration Program on the Earth and on all of humanity, as well as on the turmoil we are currently seeing in the world. The effect of the Genesis Acceleration Program on the world has been enormous, as Lantos described in December, 2008, and has enabled the establishment of the 10 Radiant Beams of Genesis, which Lantos presented to the world on January 10, 2009.


Ascended Master Lantos
January 9, 2009
Setting Goals for Thousands of Years

Lantos: “Very good, very good. Blessings Dear Ones. Blessings in this New Year.... The direction of the Earth’s course is now being set. We are charting the course for the future of the Earth. We are establishing the direction that the Earth shall follow for thousands of years. The impact of this time shall be carried forward for thousands of years. Thousands of years. This is what is in our hands at this present time. You are the forefathers of the new era—the designers, the grand architects for the new structure of humanity. For many generations, great progress has been made. Developments in technology and understanding have altered the pattern of living for millions of people around the world. But, now we have arrived at the time which will be marked as the greatest turning point in human history. The Light of Genesis is present. It is with greatest glory to the many Great Masters of the Light of Genesis and the blessed students of the Light. It is with their tireless efforts that the Earth is blessed with the presence of the Fullness of the Light of Genesis. And this Great Light shines throughout the universe.

“The Mighty Cosmic Beings of Light, the Great Ascended Masters, have come now to bless the Earth for this achievement. Dear Ones, now, and for this year, we are dedicated to establishing the Highest and most Glorious
Path for the next several thousand years of Earth’s time. This is our mission. It is for this reason that you have each been blessed with life on Earth at this time. It is a very great honor. Many great individuals of Light have come before. They have offered their services to come and shine brightly in a time of deep darkness. To them, we offer our greatest gratitude. “But now, we are assembled. Assembled together at this very time on Earth are the Blessed Transformers, the Great Assembly of the Divine Directors of Light. As Masters of the Light of Genesis, it is your blessed role to now set the course. Let us offer to hundreds of generations to come the gift of the Highest Path. During this advanced course, let our beloved Masters of the Light of Genesis join in the Assembly of Great Cosmic Beings. Let us establish 10 goals for the Earth, and the people of the Earth, which we will set into motion in this assembly. Write down these goals. Place them under the Translator. At the final meeting of this class, together make your calls to the Great Assembly of Light, the Great Beings of Light, that these goals shall be accomplished NOW. When you go home, after the completion of this advanced course, each make a personal list of goals for yourself and the members of your family. Place these goals under your Translators, and make your calls as a Master of the Light of Genesis. In these very words, within the very words of your goals vibrates the seeds of all activities for the future of yourselves and the lives of hundreds of generations to come.

“Blessed Masters of the Light of Genesis, we thank you for your service. Blessings, dear ones.”

—Ascended Master Lantos

At the end of 2008, Lantos also spoke about the significance of this period of time:

December 29, 2008
Master Lantos
Arrival of the Glorious Age of Illumination

“Dear Ones,
“Many blessings for this New Year. Let the Bells of Genesis sound as the New Year begins. We give our thanks for the Host of Ascended Beings and Legions of Light, the Great Cosmic Beings who are here to assist in the great process of transformation—transformation from one year into the next, transformation from one Age into the Next. We welcome the arrival of the Glorious Age of Illumination. During this Age, the brilliance of the Light of Genesis will radiate from every level of Creation; every layer of Nature will shine brightly with the Sublime Light of Genesis. Let us call to the Mighty Beings of Light. (pause) We ask for their assistance and blessings.”

—Ascended Master Lantos

Ascended Master Lantos
December 19, 2008
A Great Turning Point in Human History

“Greetings, Blessed Ones. We are very fortunate, very fortunate. Blessed Ones, Masters of the Light of Genesis, the transition of this year into the next marks a great turning point in human history. As this year comes to a close, we see the departure of old structures of society. The old methods are dissolving. The baselessness on which they were established is showing its true nature, its total and complete lack of any real substance. The old frameworks were formulated with limited knowledge, limited understanding of the nature of life.

“Now…Now… It is very great, yes. Now, the Light has returned. The Light of Genesis shines brightly. The Light of Genesis radiates on Earth with the brilliance of the Initial Energy and Intelligence present at the Birth of Creation. We have now the Masters of the Light of Genesis; our Beloved Director of the Light of Genesis has established our Genesis Acceleration Program, which in this past year has sent forth into many parts of the Earth the great Living Masters of the Light of Genesis. It is through the footsteps of these Masters that the Light has spread.

“We see now the pathway ahead. The world is ridding itself of the unwanted structures which have limited human potential for many centuries. A new framework is emerging. It is very beautiful. The framework of Nature is very beautiful. Nature is almighty, though in its infancy it requires great protection.

Let us now gather together, where it is possible, to ring the Bell of Genesis for the protection of this new, emerging Light of Genesis, Light of Creation. After ringing for the protection around the nation and around the world, let us make our calls to the Assembly of Great Beings, who have gathered together to offer assistance during this time of transition. We offer our thanks to these Great Beings of Light. We offer our thanks. Let us ask for their assistance in structuring a new civilization, based on the wholeness of Knowledge, the most sublime expression of Light. Let the Sublime Light of Genesis radiate to all parts of the Earth. Let each individual, in this time of Great Transition, embrace the Sublime Light of Genesis, and let our Masters of the Light of Genesis make their calls daily [emphasis from Lantos] for the Great Blessings to unfold in this coming year.

“Many blessings, Dear Ones.”

—Ascended Master Lantos


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Daily Uses of BioTrinities

See audio message April 20, 2011

For Everyone, Here is a Simple Instruction

Yes, when one is preparing to function in a new environment it is useful to receive lessons or
…For everyone, here is a simple instruction: It will be good to enjoy five to ten minutes of
peaceful relaxation before bed. In this quiet time, it will be very good to hold the Blessed Master
Tool, The Pendant of Eternal Light. In addition, one may hold a Blessed BioTrinity, any one of the
Blessed BioTrinities. Yes, we have five Blessed BioTrinities. Yes, very good.
After sitting quietly for a few minutes, you may place the Blessed Tools near to you while you
sleep. Dear Ones of Light, you will see great benefits emerging out of this Blessed Value of
Knowledge gained during sleep. We are receiving very Great Blessings at this time. Yes, it is very
In the peaceful state of sleep we will awaken the qualities of functioning in a heightened state of
existence, the Blessed State of Enlightened Existence Illumined by the Fullness of Knowledge. It is
very beautiful. We will discuss this further.
Many Blessings.

Personal BioTrinity Technique

See audio messages November 9, 2011 and November 16, 2011

Very good. And with this Knowledge we have identified a Personal BioTrinity which enlivens the
connection between the Source and the individual. We call this process the Enlivenment of the
Personal Pathway. It is the Enlivenment of the Connection, the Radiant Beams of Eternal Light
arising from the Source of Creation which combine together to form the Expression. This
connection, this Personal Pathway, gets enlivened during this process of sitting quietly, peacefully,
with the personal BioTrinity within the Great Cosmic Circle of Wheels, the dynamic expressions of
all Creation.
Good. Very Good.
Now, Dear Ones, while you sit quietly within the Great Cosmic Circle, hold your Personal
BioTrinity in your right hand. Place the Pendant of Eternal Light in your left hand and envision the
Radiant Beams of Eternal Light, the Brilliant strands of Light present everywhere.
Nectar of Life, Nectar of Life, Nectar of Life: this is what we envision, this is what we enliven. Yes?
Nectar of Life, Nectar of Life, Nectar of Life: say this within yourself. Experience the Enlivenment
of the Radiant Beams of Eternal Light. Now, say this within yourself: Nectar of Life, Nectar of
Life, Nectar of Life.
This is the Great Process of Enlivenment, Enlivenment of the Brilliance of the
Connection with the Source. Again, we will say this: Nectar of Life, Nectar of Life, Nectar of Life.
During the five minutes we will repeat several times, this expression, like this, in sets of three. Very
The Brilliance of Eternal Light, the pure Radiance of the Source of Creation, this is the gift of the
Holy Season. Great Knowledge comes on the Crest of the Wave of the Great Transformation. We
are entering the Great Transformation.
Dear Ones, many Blessings.



April 20, 2011: Gives instructions for working with the BioTrinities 5 to 10 minutes before bedtime.
Sept. 7, 2011: Gives a brief description of each BioTrinity
Sept. 14, 2011: Description of each BioTrinity Color
Sept. 21, 2011: Description of the Five Blessed Pathways (BioTrinities)
Sept. 28, 2011: Description of the Personal BioTrinities
Oct. 5, 2011: Explains that each BioTrinity is associated with one Initial Pathway
Nov. 9, 2011: Gives the Time Schedule for each of the five personal BioTrinities
Nov. 16, 2011: Personal BioTrinity Technique. Gives the Nectar of Life Instructions
Nov. 23, 2011: Strength, Happiness, Health and Wealth as we continue our practice with our
Personal BioTrinity technique.
*For more information, please refer to the weekly audio messages


• To determine the color of your Personal Bio Trinity, click on this link.
• Fill out the form.
• Wait 10 days and call our office for the answer 1-888-722-2213.
• Important: DO NOT RESUBMIT once you have submitted for that person, simply
remember to CALL OUR OFFICE after 10 days to get the answer.



Review of the Instructions given by Master Lantos in the audio message from November 16, 2011 (see above)
Once you know your personal BioTrinity Color, you will do the following procedure for 5 minutes
each day during the given times as outlined below for your color.
• Sit within a circle of wheels for five minutes during the most beneficial time based on the
color of your Personal Bio Trinity (See the list below).
• Hold the Pendant of Eternal Light in your left hand and your Personal BioTrinity in your
right hand.
• Envision the Radiant Beams of Eternal Light, the Brilliant strands of Light present
• Say to yourself (not out loud): "Nectar of Life, Nectar of Life, Nectar of Life"
Say this as many times as you want within the 5 minute period, but always say it in a
sequence of three as shown above.



5 minutes each day:
Light Violet 8am – 12 noon
Pink 12noon – 5pm
Green 5pm – 10pm
Aqua 10pm – 3am
First Rays 3am – 8am


Personal BioTrinities


November 23, 2011 - Master Lantos, The Gift of the Holy Season and the Personal BioTrinity
Length: 2:40

Click Here to Download

November 16th, 2011 - Master Lantos, Enhancing Ones's Personal Pathway
Length: 7:04

Click Here to Download

November 9th, 2011Master Lantos, Pathways of Eternal Light and the Personal BioTrinities
Length: 7:04

Click Here to Download


What is BioGenesis?

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BioGenesis Tools -- In Use Around the World!

BioGenesis is the Birth of Creation.  We instill the remembrance of the Process of Creation into a glass, and that glass radiates, or re-educates, its environment with the memory of the Process of Creation.  Restoring the memory of this Process within an individual or object creates a living system—it becomes living matter.  While this ancient technology has not been on Earth since the days of Atlantis, Ascended Masters recently re-introduced this effective energy to the World.

With BioGenesis, you can:

  • Establish balance and harmony in your home
  • Restore your health and vitality
  • Manifest your life goals

BioGenesis creates harmony.  Harmony is structured quite simply, quite effectively, by strengthening the inherent qualities of a region.  And, this is accomplished by enlivening the sequence of Initial Rotations.  This is BioGenesis.

The energy placed in the glass items is Genesis™ Energy, an energy which, although many millions of years old, has not been on Earth since the days of Atlantis.  Ascended Masters have recently re-introduced this Energy to Earth.

  • BioGenesis is ever renewing
  • BioGenesis is ever refreshing
  • BioGenesis is ever restoring

No cleansing is necessary with these tools

By using the Light of Creation, BioGenesis tools restore harmony to all levels of your life.  These simple glass tools can help restore health and energy to someone suffering from a variety of physical conditions, as well as happiness, emotional harmony and mental and spiritual clarity.  Additionally, the use of the Light of Creation can bring to you manifold manifestations of blessings, including financial prosperity, greater energy, and harmonious relationships.

"We speak of regeneration of the most basic element within each individual—the Light of Creation.  As this Light returns to the lives on Earth, all things are made possible."

--Ascended Master Lantos

BioGenesis History

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(The following history was written by Gisela Kroeger Hoffman, daughter of Hanna Kroeger, founder of Kroeger Herbs.)

In the early 1970s, Hanna Kroeger began holding services for her Chapel of Miracles in a small chicken shed behind her retreat.  She had started the chapel so that her grandchildren would have a place to learn about God.  Often the simple services were attended only by Hanna's family and the family of Linda and Bob Demaray.  One Sunday a stranger appeared at the door of the chapel.  He wore a handsome robe, and he approached all present individually and told them the gifts of the Holy Spirit which they possessed.  After the service, he walked up to Linda and told her to believe her eight-year-old daughter, Cindy, when Cindy said she saw things.  He told Linda that Cindy would bring great Light to the world.  Then he vanished; there had been no car in the parking lot for him to take, and the road he might have walked was empty.

"He's a holy man, he's a holy man," Hanna kept saying.  "Listen to him for he is a holy man."  Linda, her husband and Hanna kept the promise and nurtured Cindy.  Hanna often took her into the gardens to visit with the little people and to talk about the angels Cindy saw.

In October, 1997, after Cindy had married and had two children, a great being appeared in her home, introducing himself as Lantos, an Ascended Master.  He was different from the other Celestial beings which Cindy had grown accustomed to seeing, in that he appeared in a visible, tangible form and spoke directly to Cindy.  In February of 1999, he gave Cindy detailed instructions on how to build a "Genesis" device, a pyramid-shaped device which a Harvard-trained mathematician later verified was designed precisely with the same proportions of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Lantos said this device would be used to energize various materials, such as glass, which would be used to give Light and healing to the people.

Lantos continues to visit Cindy two or three times a week.  He approved, and even redesigned, the glass pieces Cindy obtained from a German glassmaker, and told her the purpose of each piece and how he wanted each piece named and "trained" in the Genesis Device.